Manifesto against the new seismic-resistant standard NCSR-23

Click hereto access all the information about the Manifesto that Asociación Caminos is promoting against the NCSR-23 to achieve the full use of the Eurocodes in Spain.

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What is the Association of Civil Engineers,
Canals and Ports and Civil Engineering?

Association as a private entity

The Association is a private law entity, with the powers granted to it by current legislation. The Association was constituted in 1903 to bring together the professionals of civil engineering and to defend the interests of the guild. Later, in 1954, the Association was created, conceived to promote the organization and defense of the profession from a public law institution. 

The Association enjoys an independence and freedom of opinion that is due solely to its associates, and therefore no Administration can impose its opinion on it.

International projection

The Association has a strong international projection, as it has counterparts in other countries interested in strengthening the association’s relations with other countries through private entities. This puts the Association in a privileged position to foster bilateral relations and agreements at the international level with its counterparts and thus promote the international projection of its Associates. The Association is also a member of some supranational institutions through the Spanish Engineering Institute.


The Association is a Founding Member of the Engineering Institute of Spain (IIE), which is made up of 8 other engineering associations that share its headquarters in General Arrando 38. This particularity confers to the Association a multidisciplinary field of action that includes not only Civil Engineering, but also other branches of engineering. Therefore, the activities carried out will potentially have a cross-cutting nature that encompasses other areas of engineering, always with a focus on those issues that concern our profession.

The Association maintains a close relationship with the College, as a result of the Collaboration Protocols signed regularly since 2015. The objective of this is to avoid duplication and take advantage of the synergies between both entities, in order to offer the best services to its Associates and Members.

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Association of Civil Engineers and Civil Engineers


The Association of Civil Engineers is constituted by the Assembly, the Board of Directors and the General Council. Learn about its composition and bylaws

International Projection

The Association of Civil Engineers has always had an international projection, historically from the Spanish Institute of Engineering and in recent years developing its own program.

Public works and services under review

La asociación realiza un informe periódico sobre el estado de las obras públicas españolas y los servicios que prestan. The report is developed with a quantifiable, objective and comparable methodology to those used by countries and international organizations.