Eur.Ing Accreditation

Eur.Ing Accreditations

Rules for requesting accreditation from Eur. ENGINEERS EUROPE (former FEANI) Ing 2.0

It is a fundamental requirement to belong to the Spanish Association of Civil Engineers

To apply for the new Eur. Ing. 2.0 will be online on the ENGINEERS EUROPE website. The documents required to complete the application are:

  1. University degree(s) that enable the exercise of the profession of Engineer: Degree in Civil Engineering or Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering.
  2. Certificate(s) of additional specific training course(s).
  3. Certificate(s) from company(ies) accrediting at least 2 years of professional engineering experience, which must describe the competencies and role of the engineer.

After completing the application, you must also send the following information to

  1. Certificate of membership in the Association of Civil Engineers and Civil Engineering. This certificate can be requested by writing to
  2. Proof of payment of 363€ in the IIE cc: ES40 0234 0001 0390 1910 2408.

For more information, please contact:

  • Spanish Association of Civil Engineers 
    • Tel: +34 91 319 7420 
    • Email: