GOING, the App on the Great Works of Spanish Engineering


In May 2017, the “Proposal for the implementation of the Public Works Heritage Project” was prepared and approved by the Board of Directors of Asociación Caminos. The initiative was the joint effort of the Association and the College of (CICCP), with the joint intervention of the President of the Association and Arcadio Gil, Member of their respective Board of Directors and Board of Governors, as well as Chairman of the Technical Committee Cities, Territory and Culture of the CICCP Board of Governors.

The idea was to undertake a project that -following the work already carried out for the valorization of engineering heritage, and taking as a reference the “HISTORIC CIVIL ENGINEERING LANDMARKS” of the ASCE-, would allow to bring engineering heritage closer to society as a whole, satisfying specific objectives such as:

That citizens can approach the heritage of public works from programs and platforms created by civil engineers themselves, thus recognizing and understanding them from their specificity, and not, in a diffuse way, as part of the architectural heritage.

To provide citizens with tools -internet, social networks, applications…- that allow them to properly identify historic public works that are particularly valuable, unique and representative landmarks.

To highlight the social function of engineering and its contribution to territorial and economic development, also underlining the cultural and historical component of our public works heritage.

Throughout the second half of 2017 and during 2018 the project materialized in a selection of engineering works diverse in their typology, whose characteristics, geolocation, valuation according to a specific methodology, etc. has been collected in an app that is now available both in the systems of Apple and Android.

What is GOING?

The project, and consequently the application, has been renamed “GRAND ENGINEERING WORKS”, with its acronym GOING. The project has involved:

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