Manifesto against NSCR-23

Manifiesto against NSCR-23

Manifesto against the new seismic-resistant standard NSCR-23


Asociación Caminos has drafted the “Manifesto for a coherent and safe seismic regulation” urging the Government to withdraw the draft RD for the approval of the Seismic Resistant Construction Standard (NCSR-23) and to enable the use of the Eurocodes in their entirety in Spain.

During the discussion session organized by Asociación Caminos on the NCSR-23 issue, whose news you can read here, we could perceive the feelings of the vast majority of the sector, academia, professionals, associations and even public officials, who openly reject the NCSR with technical criteria.

We urge all professionals and institutions committed to good practice in our profession to support the Manifesto . To do so, send an email to
indicating, if appropriate, your professional position.

Download here the manifesto and the list of supporters.

Various professionals have petitioned the government through videos to halt the approval of NCSR-23 and allow the direct application of the Eurocodes:

The Spanish Association of Civil Engineers

was created in 1903 to represent its members in all kinds of actions and to promote their union and spirit of collaboration. The Caminos Association is a private association with a national scope. From within the Association, the creation of the Institute of Engineering (1905) was promoted, as well as the College of Civil Engineers (1953).