International Alliances

International Alliances

Asociación Caminos maintains a permanent relationship with important foreign organizations of civil engineers, developing an ambitious program of alliances aimed at giving prestige to the profession abroad and providing important benefits to our associates.

Relations with international organizations

Since 1999, stable agreements have been established with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).
American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE
. This has led to numerous collaborative activities: institutional meetings, working meetings, the drafting of shared documents, professional conferences and courses, round tables, technical visits, work exchanges, etc.

The first institutional agreement was signed with The Institution of Civil Engineers, ICE, in 1999, and has been renewed periodically to date. Within the framework of the agreement, several collaborative activities have been carried out, some at our headquarters and others at theirs: institutional meetings, professional conferences and support from our side by English and Spanish engineers on theirs.

In July 2023, a delegation from our Association was invited to the annual Civil Engineering congress of the Brazilian Association of Civil Engineers, where a collaboration agreement was signed.

The purpose of this agreement is to foster collaboration between international institutions to enhance the quality of engineering and share information about the sector.

With L`École des Ponts ParisTech a first stable link was established in 2001, completed by an agreement with the Association Anciens Élèves des Ponts. Relations are currently being strengthened and we hope to soon sign a new agreement that will directly benefit our colleagues displaced to the neighboring country.

We also maintain a cordial relationship with the Portuguese Ordem dos Engenheiros, which has led to the organization of collaborative activities and the visit of its President on one occasion. Recently, the College of Civil Engineers has signed an important agreement with this organization.

With the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers we signed a collaboration agreement in September 2010, when the organization awarded the Niagara ferry the recognition as an international landmark in the history of Canadian engineering. commemorative plaque next to the ferry designed and built by Leonardo Torres Quevedo at the beginning of the 20th century.

WFEO, UPADI and Engineers Europe

We maintain good relations with other national organizations of civil engineers, although they have not been formalized in a document. Through the Spanish Engineering Institute we are present in the international federations of national engineering associations, which bring together engineers of different specialties and even short and long term degrees: