Communiqué against the transfer of infrastructures of general interest of State competence to the Autonomous Communities

Communiqué of the Association of Civil Engineers and Civil Engineering

Madrid November 13, 2023

Asociación Caminos, in relation to the recently reached Investiture Agreements, by virtue of the technical and independent vision that ICCPs have on issues of special relevance to society and so closely linked to our profession as is the field of Transport Infrastructures :

Opposition to the transfer of infrastructures of general interest of State competence to the Autonomous Communities. 

This opposition is based both on the legislation in force and on the criteria of the Constitutional Court, which has made it clear that such assignment goes against the principle established in Article 149.21 “Railways and land transport that pass through the territory of more than one Autonomous Community” of the Constitution. 

Such transfers could jeopardize the current and future levels of technology, security, interoperability and quality of service of these networks, which are particularly sensitive in the case of networks that form part of trans-European networks or cross-border connections. 

We firmly believe in the transcendental role of civil engineering in the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructures. From this Association, we would like to underline our commitment to the defense of engineering as a key element to ensure the structuring and mobility necessary for the social and economic progress of the Kingdom of Spain. 

The Association of Civil Engineers

The Association of Canals and Ports and Civil Engineering was created in 1903 to represent its members in all kinds of actions and to promote their union and spirit of collaboration. The Caminos Association is a private association with a national scope. The Association promoted the creation of the Engineering Institute (1905) as well as the College of Civil Engineers (1953).